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Everyone has a bucket list—a list of things to do before they die. Whether you have one written down or you just keep it in your head, it is there. On everyone’s bucket list should be a few opportunities that the San Diego area has to offer. Between the amazing city streets, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture, San Diego offers pursuits for everyone. The following are a couple San Diego activities that would make great additions to your bucket list.

Visit Black’s Beach

While a visit to any of San Diego’s countless beaches provides for a great experience, Black’s Beach provides beauty and seclusion that you cannot find anywhere else. It is quite remote, so the only access is through a beautiful hike or a steep descent to the water. We recommend the long hike, as it is safer and quite the adventure in and of itself. Once you make it to the water, you can enjoy the most secluded beach in San Diego, featuring a wide sandy beach against astounding rock formations. This beach is also known as San Diego’s nude beach, so go ahead and strip down if you feel like it; maybe that’s on your bucket list as well! You can find Black’s Beach just north of La Jolla.

Try Your Hand at San Diego Surf Activities

People flock to San Diego from all over the world for its amazing waves. These conditions provide the perfect setting for learning to surf, or simply shredding the waves for those that already know how. To find a good place for San Diego surf, you simply need to find a beach and odds are there will be good waves for you. But the best destinations for surfing in San Diego are Tourmaline Beach and Windansea Beach, both in the La Jolla area. There are few feelings more satisfying than standing on your first wave. This is a fun and beautiful way to spend a day.

Watch a San Diego Sunset

If you are near the water, you are in an amazing place to view one of San Diego’s famous sunsets. But the best place to do so is the aptly named Sunset Cliffs. This incredible area is in southern San Diego, just to the south of Ocean Beach. Towering cliffs meeting sandy beaches provide the best vantage point in the city for gazing out over the ocean as the sun slips below the horizon. Peace and beauty will take on a whole new meaning after this experience.

Simply walking the streets or beaches of San Diego are amazing ways to spend a day and are worthy of securing a spot on anyone’s bucket list, but there are also many opportunities to do unique things in San Diego like the three mentioned above and countless more. Make San Diego a part of your bucket list adventures and you will be ecstatic that you did.

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