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America’s birthday has come and gone once again, and you may be feeling a little sluggish afterward. Perhaps it was too many beers, one hot dog too many, or a dessert buffet that was too tempting. Let’s be honest—holidays are a great excuse to pig out. But more brutally honest, we can’t keep up bad habits just because they’re enjoyable!

California has long been at the forefront of health stores and healthy restaurants. If you’re looking around for a healthy place to eat at, here are a few healthy San Diego restaurants that you should look in to:

Naked Café

Not far south of Sea World and the I-8, you’ll find Naked Café. Don’t worry about sacrificing taste here—the breakfast options are as delicious as they are popular! Naked Café is conscientious about what its customers eat, so whether you’re looking for gluten-free, nut-free, low-carb, or low-fat, they’ll have some dishes in mind.

Elva’s Bowls and Wraps

If you’re embarking on a low-carb diet, then there’s distressing news for you waiting on the nutrition information on a pack of tortillas. Thankfully, Elva’s Bowls and Wraps bypass this problem to deliver a Mexican-inspired cuisine that’s bursting with flavor and nutrition! If you’re in the mood for fresh-tasting Mexican food, look for Elva’s near Friar’s Road and Mission Center Road.

Café Gratitude San Diego

Though they started in Los Angeles, Café Gratitude has spread thanks to its delicious take on the latest health fads. They focus on current popular health foods, from kelp noodles (don’t knock it until you try it) to organic juices. It’s near Pacific Highway, west of Palisades.

Saffron Thai

One of the best options for Thai food in the neighborhood, your heart will be just as happy as your tongue for visiting Saffron Thai! The meat options are delectable, and the noodles and rice make fabulous pick-me-ups, unlike the heavier carbs you’ll find in so many American restaurants. The chef here doesn’t stifle taste with unnecessary additives, so everything will stand out deliciously. You’ll find Saffron Thai near where the I-5 connects with W. Washington Street.

Be Fresh

A lesser-known name tucked away on Pearl Street in La Jolla, this healthy option emphasizes salads, wraps, and smoothies; it’s a nice spot for a small lunch or snack, and the prices are surprisingly cheap for a healthy meal. If you’re trying to eat light, try Be Fresh!

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And of course, it’s cheaper and often healthier to simply eat at home! Book with 710 Beach Rentals to enjoy one of our homes with fully-stocked kitchens, and freshen up your diet! Browse our listings now, or call 858-598-3137 to learn more about how you can stay in beautiful, healthy, San Diego.