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San Diego is known above all else for its rich sea life, so there’s no better way to enjoy your trip to San Diego than by taking some time to go fishing while you’re here. There are so many different places to fish here that it can be hard to decide where to cast your line! We have a handful of favorites that we hold near and dear to our hearts, as locals. Take a look at our list for the best fishing in San Diego:

Ocean Beach Municipal Pier

Pier fishing in San Diego is a surefire way to have a fun and relaxing afternoon. Simply pack your gear along and set up shop at the end of the pier, where you’ll have one of the loveliest views in all of San Diego. This fishing excursion could easily be your whole day, with the Ocean Beach Tide Pools nearby to pop over to when you’d like a break to stretch your legs, South Beach Bar & Grill when you’re hungry, and Ocean Beach Pier Cafe when you want a quick pick-me-up cup of coffee. 

South Mission Beach Jetty

South Mission Beach is a popular place, and you can do just about anything here, including swimming, surfing, and yes, jetty fishing! A jetty is a manmade structure that juts out into the water, differentiating it from other kinds of fishing you can do from land, like pier fishing or surf fishing. You’ll actually be venturing out to sea on foot a little in order to fish here! You can catch a wide array of fish this way, from Halibut to Yellowtail, and you’ll leave feeling rewarded and satisfied.


It seems like a no brainer, but with so many shores, piers, and reservoirs where you can fish in San Diego, it’s easy to forget how vast the Pacific Ocean is and what a great place it is for fishing. While you’re in town, don’t miss the one-of-a-kind fishing experience offered by La Jolla Water Sports: spearfishing. Experience doesn’t matter. Sign up for a guided tour, and you’ll be provided all the training and gear you need to go on the adventure of a lifetime! Go on a free dive with experts and learn how to hunt fish in the open ocean with a polespear. This is the most satisfying kind of fishing experience you’ll ever have, and you’ll be endlessly glad that you tried it out.

Plan Your Fishing Getaway to San Diego

Wherever you go fishing in San Diego, you’ll want a comfortable rental home to bring your fish home to in the evenings to cook it up. Get in touch with us here at 710 Beach Rentals today at (858) 598-3137 to get started!