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 First, let us say, YAY! We made it through the perfect weather days of summer and now the perfect weather days of fall have arrived. Ok, when you put it like that, it sounds kind of silly, but it makes us realize even more just how lucky we are that we live in paradise. This year, Columbus Day falls on October 9th, and even if it’s not a holiday for you, chances are your kids are on fall break, so why not schedule your vacation around them and head to San Diego for a week of fun in the sun? Here’s five reasons to help convince you that a Columbus Day vacation in San Diego is the right thing to do!

Fashion Week, October 4-7th 

Remember that time you ran into that supermodel at the mall and you started talking and became best friends, so you travel with her all the time? What? That didn’t happen? Well don’t count it out, just yet; Fashion Week brings all the big stars to San Diego, and you may just live out your ultimate fantasy!

La Jolla Wine and Art Festival, October 7th & 8th

If the whole best friend thing doesn’t happen, you can drown your sorrows in some really excellent wine as your cruise the aisles of this fabulous festival seeking that perfect art piece that establishes how you are feeling right now. Held in the neighborhood of Girard Avenue and Prospect Street from 10AM till 7PM (6 on Sunday), this is one festival we aren’t going to miss—and neither should you!

Celebrate the Discovery of Our Country with a Day at The Beach

Red bikinis, white flip flops, and the blue waters of the ocean combine to create a day to remember. It’s time to commemorate the discovery of our country with that all-American tradition of sinking toes in the sand. Mission Beach is a local favorite; will it soon be yours?

San Diego Italian Film Festival, October 4th -15th

Let’s watch a movie! This festival celebrates Italian film; Columbus was from Italy, so it must be fate! Held at the Museum of Photographic Arts, 1649 El Prado, starting at 7:30, a different movie will be shown each night.

Barbecue on the Back Deck of Your 710 Beach Rentals Vacation Paradise

The views are amazing, the amenities will rock your world, and you can drink as many tropical drinks as you like without having to worry about a designated driver! It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating Columbus Day or just enjoying a well-deserved break. The best adventures begin in your own (temporary) backyard! Reserve yours today!