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San Diego is one of those places where you can find anything you are looking for. This pertains to everything from art and entertainment to, most importantly, food. This is a result of the diverse and vibrant culture of the area. It is definitely a great place to be if you are looking for a good slice of pizza. Throughout the city, you will find some of the most authentic and delicious pizza joints that you can find anywhere in the country, perhaps in the world. Here is a short list of some of these amazing places for pizza in San Diego.

Buona Forchetta

This is the place to go in for those with a soft spot for Neapolitan style pizza. You can enjoy one of the over 36 master pizza concoctions on the menu, or you can go renegade and build your own pizza. One of the most interesting items on the menu is the Agenese, which features porcini mushrooms, shrimp, scallops, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses. This is sure to be unlike anything you have ever tasted before! There is also a gluten-free option for all pies! This pizzeria and restaurant in South Park always provides a memorable pizza.


You can taste the dedication of these pizza makers every time you order one of their delicious pies. The secret to this one of a kind flavor is the dough. Firstly, all yeast and flour used for this dough is imported from Italy. It then ferments in shop for four days before being stretched and baked. Today, it is not often that you eat dough that is this natural and simple, and you will surely taste the difference when you eat at Monello. You can find this charming spot right in the heart of Little Italy.

San Diego Restaurants: Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza has established a place in the hearts of all those who love a good slice of New York style pizza. Among the local favorite menu items is the Whitestone, which is a white pizza with mozzarella, garlic, and ricotta cheese. Bronx Pizza carries the New York tradition of having no seating area, so if you are getting a whole pizza, you will want to get it to go. This has proven to be a non-issue for people since the pizza is so delicious. Stop by if you find yourself near Hillcrest!

San Diego will satisfy just about any endeavor you are interested in. This is especially true for finding an amazing place to get a pizza. These are some classic joints throughout the area, but there are countless more San Diego restaurants that will provide a slice of pizza that you will not soon forget.

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Brunch is a special tradition among some people—whether it’s the only way to start off a weekend, or the perfect birthday outing, or the imperative start to any vacation, a person’s favorite brunch place is near and dear to their heart. While this might make this list a contentious one, we can’t help but share a few of our favorite brunch spots in San Diego.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

While San Diego delights in its eclectic options, Tom Ham’s shoots straight for brunch, with simple options like whole grain pancakes and an omelet station. Brunch only happens on Sundays though, so if you want your free-flowing champagne, plan accordingly! It’s located close to the San Diego International Airport, making it a great spot to start your vacation if you come in on an early flight or to top it off before you leave.

Mess Hall

Brunch is only available on Sundays here, but if you want something fancy and savory, this is the place to go. It can sometimes be hard to justify the price, but for the atmosphere and the options—from bacon steak to dressed-up toast—you can’t go wrong with Mess Hall. It’s between Sea World and the airport on Historic Decatur Road.

The Mission

While not strictly a brunch place, The Mission’s breakfasts make it a popular stop for those on Mission Beach. Like much of San Diego, it attends to healthy-eaters with low-carb and low-calorie options. It also includes southwestern flair, including the use of chorizo and jalapeños. If you’re not sure what to get here, go for a breakfast croissant!

Fig Tree Café

It’s a pleasant environment too, with the outdoor seating complementing the San Diego weather. Their breakfast staples, including their eggs benedict, French toast, and pancakes. Service here is consistently friendly. The most popular Fig Tree Café is in Pacific Beach, but happily, you can find Fig Tree Café throughout the city—there’s one in Liberty Station, and another in Hillcrest.

Hanna’s Gourmet

“Carrot cake pancakes.” Are you convinced yet? Hanna’s Gourmet has some inventive twists on breakfast staples—with a globally-inspired menu, they tap into some of the best flavor combinations humanity has discovered. Red velvet pancakes, eggs a la Morocco, and omelet a la Romana all delight the taste buds and fill the palette. Hanna’s Gourmet is in University Heights on Adams Avenue.

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San Diego is known for its amazing seafood and beautiful weather. Since the city is located right on the coast, most restaurants have ready access to plenty of fresh seafood. If you are looking into visiting this amazing city, make sure that you check out one of these San Diego restaurants for local cuisine.


Recently featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” Hodad’s serves up huge, juicy, gourmet burgers without attitude. The atmosphere is dive-like with license plates and memorabilia lining the walls and blaring music to set the mood. They don’t care if you’re shoeless or shirtless (men only!) at this Ocean Beach location, as it’s THAT casual. If you’re lucky enough to grab a table, make sure not to linger, as a line snaking out the door is anxiously awaiting their burger heaven. Don’t forget to pair a beer or an awesome shake with your burger. This is definitely one of San Diego’s most famous restaurants.

Cucina Urbana

CUCINA Urbana, located in Banker’s Hill, is a California inspired Italian Kitchen and Wine Shop. Enjoy favorites such as pizza, stuffed fried squash blossoms, and veal piccata while dining traditionally or family-style. Locally-sourced and organic ingredients are used whenever possible while keeping most menu items at under $20. The decor mixes a modern kitchen and an old rustic farmhouse together with splashes of bohemian accents. Have a look around. Due to popular demand, some of the items in the restaurant are for sale, but act quickly as they can be one-of-a-kind. This restaurant is a favorite of local San Diegans because it’s reasonably priced, family-friendly, chic and delicious, all wrapped into one. There is now a Del Mar location.

Hash House a Go Go

Modern diner Hash House a Go Go specializes in BIG “Twisted Farm Food,” so bring your appetite. For breakfast or brunch (served a la carte), indulge in a plate of hash with meatloaf, salmon, or corned beef. Try flapjacks such as the traditional buttermilk variety, or something different like blackberry-granola or butterscotch-almond. Nursing a hangover? Order the “O’Hare of the Dog,” a 24-oz Budweiser in a brown bag and a side of bacon. Lunch and dinner choices are just as mammoth, including a one-pound burger stuffed with mashed potatoes and bacon, or go for the stellar sage fried chicken, a show-stopping dish.

These are just a few of the amazing local eats. Make sure you check out our favorites and see if there are others to add to this list. If you want some help on planning your next vacation to San Diego, check out 710 Beach Rentals for all your vacation needs.

Enjoy Your Meals with a View at these Waterfront San Diego Restaurants

San Diego is known for two main things: great weather and amazing beaches. Generally, the latter is what attracts the most number of people to this beautiful paradise. What people generally do not consider one of their main attractors is probably San Diego’s best attribute—the food! San Diego combines Southwest flavors, fresh seafood, and American innovation to create a wonderful mix of flavors that will knock your socks off. To make sure you are seeing San Diego to the fullest extent, we have compiled this list of the three best beach restaurants to enjoy the weather and shoreline while you eat.

Beach House Restaurant

This quaint restaurant lies in the North County of San Diego and is open for lunch and dinner during the week and brunch on the weekend. This highlight of this establishment is its views of the ocean. The restaurant boasts that it has an ocean view from every table. This restaurant also has daily happy hour and is perfect for drinks or a meal.

Carnitas Snack Shack

Carnitas Snack Shack is what some may call a pork lover’s dream. This trendy take on Southwestern cuisine is a fresh look at old favorites. Whether you order their life-changing BLT or their classic carnitas tacos, you will be in a pork-flavored heaven! The owner and chef uses quality local ingredients to round out their menu of delicious pork creations. This beachfront snack shack also has a quality list of craft local beers for you to enjoy along with your pork treats on their fun patio style dining area. Not only is the taste great, but the value will leave your wallet thanking you as well!

Jake’s Del Mar

This beachfront restaurant is one of the best in the city. The restaurant is casual, but remains elegant for your romantic dinner out. Due to its location, parking can be difficult, but the restaurant does provide valet parking that we suggest to take advantage of. Jake’s Del Mar is built to highlight the floor to ceiling views of the ocean. You can enjoy their lunch or dinner service during the week, or even take advantage of their weekend brunch special to enjoy the morning sun.

This beautiful city has much to offer to fill your stomach. If you would like any guidance for your trip or if you are looking for somewhere to stay – like one of our amazing 3 bedroom rentals in San Diego – feel free to call or visit our website for details.

San Diego’s Gaslamp District makes up 16 blocks of the city’s best nightlife, festivals, best architecture, and trendy restaurants. The energetic vibe has grown over the last decade as urban renewal efforts have spread, making this a popular spot for a celebrity crew and a younger crowd to gather. The restaurants alone make a visit to the Gaslight District well worth it, so we’ve rounded up some of the area’s top places to dine.


This New American pub provides the best bang for your buck, especially with Tuesday’s famous “All-You-Can-Eat Tacos for $9.95” which always draws a crowd. Also offering 33 different beers on tap, an assortment of great cocktails, and lots of food made from scratch, including hearty breakfasts, burgers, gourmet sandwiches, and all kinds of salads, Werewolf is a top eatery in the Gaslamp District.

La Puerta

If Mexican food is what you crave, La Puerta has you covered. Street tacos paired with a freshly-squeezed margarita always hit the spot, and you just HAVE to try their 100% blue agave tequilas and carne asada fries. Live music can be enjoyed at 3:00 pm and the kitchen is open until 1:00 am.

Chocolat Cremerie

Try a taste of Italy at the Chocolat Cremerie which is famous for its gelato, many decadent chocolate recipes, tasty crepes, cream-stuffed croissants, and full menu items, including cured meats, paninis, salads, and a full breakfast menu. The reviews for Chocolat Cremerie are full of people singing its praises.

Oceanaire Seafood Room

For fresh seafood including mahi-mahi, blue marlin steaks, jumbo lump crab cakes, fish and chips, swordfish, snapper, and so much more, the Oceanaire Seafood Room is the spot to be. Sides include onion mashed potatoes, fried green tomatoes, and other delicious dishes. A full cocktail bar compliments the 1930’s décor in this award winning seafood restaurant.


Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey of Bravo’s “Top Chef” and TLC’s “Mega Bites” has opened up his restaurant in the heart of the Gaslamp District with classic American dishes and specialties such as Ribeye Tomahawk with cognac and horseradish, Baja scallops with figs, and fresh Alaskan halibut. In addition to having a celebrity chef at its helm, the menu changes on a daily basis to keep things interesting, fun, and extra delicious.

This is just a mere sampling of the many restaurants offering amazing cuisine within the Gaslight District. If you’re planning a trip to San Diego, be sure to spend some quality time at one of these restaurants as you’re sure not to regret it! Contact us today for more information, or to book a San Diego or Mission Beach vacation rental today!

Photo By BrokenSphere – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10444335

If you’re like most of us, when it comes to food, you find something you like and stick to it—no exceptions. If it’s weird, you are not going to try it! Food is expensive these days and you don’t want to waste money on monkey brains and turtle toes soufflé only to discover you were right in the first place; that meal is horrible, you’re still hungry, and now you’re going to have to pay for another meal to sate your hunger! Well, our fearless and brave warriors—uh, we mean friendly and knowledgeable staff members—have done their research and with iron, stomachs have compiled a list of some delicious, but unusual restaurants with the best food in San Diego and where you can expand your food horizons while vacationing in this fantastic city.

Aqui es Texcoco

Not your typical Mexican food restaurant, Aqui es Texcoco serves Mexican food with a twist. Everyone loves tacos, but have you ever tried grilled lamb’s brain tacos? Or how about dining on the entire lamb’s head? Cabeza completa and the lamb’s brain tacos are surprisingly delicious once you are able to get past the empty eyeballs of the lamb staring straight into yours! 1043 Broadway, Chula Vista, California

Indigo Grill

Described as innovative modern Latin, the smells will draw you in and the flavors will have you coming back over and over again. What’s so crazy about Latin food? We recommend trying the tamarind-jalapeño glazed pig’s tails served with radish, peanut and house buttermilk dressing—that should answer your question! 1536 India St, in Little Italy

Mille Fleurs

Serving French Californian cuisine, this fine dining restaurant is both classy and casual, kind of like California herself, and their rabbit loin and rabbit liver comes with broccolini, polenta, and mustard tarragon sauce and is especially tasty! 6009 Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe

Wa Dining OKAN

Japanese delicacies are served up here, including the tasty tongue steak prepared in two different ways: sliced thin and grilled or cut thicker and served on skewers. You just need to decide which way your own tongue prefers! 3860 Convoy Street Suite 110

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Taking a vacation is all about taking a step out of your comfort zone and trying new things, but we understand these foods might be a tad bizarre, making you hesitant to try them. It’s ok, San Diego is filled with restaurants of foods of all types, and our kind staff at 710 Beach rentals will be happy to guide you to ones that are more your taste. (See what we did there?) Visit our rental pages and discover what all we have to offer. We think you will be glad you did!