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One of our biggest selling points is our properties’ beach access. That said, there are a lot of beaches to choose from in the area! Some want surf, others want to sunbathe, others want to people-watch. To help you choose, here’s a rundown on San Diego beaches.

Coronado Beach

Starting from the south and working our way north, Coronado Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand that connects Coronado to the mainland. From most of our rentals, it’s easiest to reach by taking CA-75 to the island and then driving south, rather than going all the way around the bay. It’s a wide beach with glistening white sands. The waters are usually calm here, making it good for young swimmers.

Ocean Beach

South of SeaWorld’s entrance channel and at the western end of Santa Monica Avenue is Ocean Beach, which bears the name of the beach town in which it resides. It’s biggest claim to fame is its dog run—Ocean Beach is the most dog-friendly beach in San Diego! Dogs can run leash-free; just be sure to keep a close eye on yours. The beach is fine for all the other usual pastimes too, such as surfing (in certain areas), swimming, and sunbathing. Be sure to swim close to lifeguard towers, however, as this beach gets frequent rip currents.

Mission Beach

On the other side of Mission Bay from Ocean Beach is Mission Beach. Its famous boardwalk is home to Belmont Park, making it worth the visit even for waterphobes! South of Belmont Park though, Mission Beach is less busy. There’s plenty of room to boogie-board or play volleyball, as well as spots for fishing.

Pacific Beach

Also called “the Strand” due to its long shape, Pacific Beach sits where Grand Avenue meets the shores. It’s perhaps the most capitalized beach—anything you’d want to find around a beach is probably nearby. Bike rentals, board rentals, and restaurants are all along the Strand. If you’re looking for a beach to be your hangout destination, then this may be your best bet.

Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach is located near the end of Nautilus Street in La Jolla, this is one of the most popular San Diego beaches for surfers. Note, however, while the rough breaks make great surfing, they make the area hazardous for the typical swimmer. Some sunbathers enjoy the large rocky outcroppings, as they give a sense of privacy to the beach. The scenery breaks from that of the more southern beaches, so it’s worth a visit if you enjoy long walks on the beach.

Stay with 710 Beach Rentals

If you can’t decide on which beach to visit, stay in a 710BR vacation rental and try them all! The majority of our rentals are within at most 10 minutes of one of these beaches, and fewer than 45 minutes from the others. If you’re a beach connoisseur, call 858-598-3137 to set up your vacation today!

San Diego’s weather is, simply put, fabulous. That said, our summers are not quite as mild as our winters. The many days of sunshine crank up the temperatures, especially as June Gloom gives way to sunny July. Don’t let that deter you, though! San Diego has tons of activities perfectly suited for summer. If the sunshine is getting to be a little too much for you, here are some great San Diego activities to help you relax.

The Beaches

The first and most obvious remedy for too much heat: visit the beach! The surf will be a wonderfully welcoming temperature, and the ocean breeze makes even the sands much more bearable than areas further inland. Whether you want to savor the natural world at Torrey Pines State Beach, people-watch at Mission Beach, or bringing your dog to Ocean Beach, San Diego is the perfect spot for any beach-lover!

SeaWorld San Diego

No one loves the cold like arctic and Antarctic critters do! Visit SeaWorld, and there’ll be two exhibits in particular that will leave you cool and refreshed. The Penguin Encounter gives you an up-close view of over two hundred penguins, and the Polar Bear Plunge showcases the mighty polar bears enjoying themselves in their simulated natural environment. It’s cool, and it’s adorable! SeaWorld is between Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach—easy to get to if you’re near either the I-8 or the I-5.

Aquatica San Diego

Also part of Sea World, Aquatica is San Diego’s premier water park, done as only Sea World could do it! The rides here are the best places to get water-borne thrills. Plus, you can see aquatic animals up close. What other experience combines a zoo with a water park? Aquatica isn’t actually near Sea World—it’s near the South of the City, southeast of Chula Vista. It’s perfect for beating the heat.

Nighttime Activities

If the sun is too much for you, don’t worry—it’s got to set sometime! After the sun goes down is the perfect time for many activities. Belmont Park is open until 11, and carousing it is just as much fun by night. Walk from bar to bar as the nightlife comes alive. If you’re a music lover, check out what sorts of bands are playing in Balboa Park’s Twilight in the Park Summer Concerts!

Stay Cool at Home!

While it’s easy to talk for hours about all the amazing activities San Diego offers, it’s perfectly fine to stay cool inside your air-conditioned vacation rental! Look for a rental property with air conditioning included and you’ll never have to deal with temperatures above 72° for your whole stay. With such fabulous conditions inside, why not take time to enjoy your other amenities, such as your cable TVs and free Wi-Fi?

If lounging around in a beautiful air-conditioned home sounds like the perfect vacation, call 858-598-3137 today to set up your dream getaway!