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One of the most important factors when it comes to your optimal seaside getaway is the size of the rental you choose. How many people are you bringing with you to your San Diego Beachside Rental? Will it just be you and that special someone? Do you have a couple kids? Is the whole extended family getting together for an event, or are you taking a retreat with a big group of friends? Whatever your group size, we have the rental home for you.

1 Bedroom

A 1 bedroom is the perfect rental for anyone from a solo traveler to a four-person family. Take, for example, our AVALON1-2719BAY unit. This property is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. It’s professionally decorated, fully equipped with your standard household appliances, and boasts a tandem two-car garage in a city where parking is scarce. You’ll find a queen bed here along with a secondary queen sofa bed. Check out our other 1-bedroom options to see what’s in store!

2 Bedrooms

Units with 2 bedrooms can accommodate anywhere between two and six travelers. Take, for example, our COHASSET815 beach bungalow, which looks like it emerged straight out of a seaside fairytale. Located right on lovely Mission Beach, this rental home comes equipped with luxury spaces such as a private front patio, a BBQ, and a garden area. Rentals of this size are a great choice for small-to-moderately-sized families, or for two groups of married friends traveling together, or even for two business partners.

3 Bedrooms

If you have several kids or more than two adults, you’ll want to start looking at our rental options with 3 bedrooms to spread out in. Take, for example, the BRIGHTON-27590F oceanfront oasis. This brand-new unit has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to six adults, or eight people if some are children. It’s spacious, grand, and the ocean views are so beautiful that you’ll never want to leave again.

4+ Bedrooms

For larger parties, like big families or close-knit friends, we have the rental for you too. Check out the rentals we offer with 4 or more bedrooms, and rest easy knowing that you’ll have a prime location, a gorgeously decorated home, and all the space in the world for you and your loved ones.

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All you have to do now is head over to our catalog and take a dive into the world of options that awaits you with 710 Vacation Rentals. We’re always here to help too! Get in touch with us today at (858) 598-3137.