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If you’re traveling through San Diego or if you’re looking to stay for awhile, you’ll want to check out these top breweries in the city that are sure to leave you satisfied.


The owner of AleSmith is Peter Zien, a certified Master Beer Judge who definitely knows a thing or two about a good beer. With a diverse line of beers originating from all over the world including some from Belgium, Scotland, England, and the United States, each option is full of flavor. Offering annual specialties and second running versions of their best onsite beers, there’s nothing not to like about AleSmith Brewery.

Green Flash Brewing Company

What was once a company on the brink of extinction a decade ago, Green Flash Brewing Company is now one of the fastest growing breweries in all of San Diego. Since hiring a very talented brew master who has made sure to put out quality beers that match local tastes, the company has since become a local favorite. It’s not just San Diego that appreciates Green Flash beer however. Because of high demand, Green Flash has opened a second brewery in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Alpine Beer Company

Alpine Beer Company is the home to some of the world’s favorite West Coast-style pale ales. This small diner-like BBQ brewpub is well recognized among the locals and has also developed quite a reputation among tourists, who often come to the area just for a taste of spicy brews such as the “Nelson,” “Pure Hoppiness,” and “Duet”.

Societe Brewing Company

Although over a dozen new breweries have opened their doors in the past couple of years and competition is at an all-time high, Societe Brewing Company is still able to stand out from the rest. Earning their reputation as “the guys who are doing it the right way,” Travis Smith and Douglas Constantiner operate their brewery by appealing to the people. By bringing highly botanical hoppy beers, Belgian ales, sours, and stouts to the local beer scene, the Societe Brewing Company has lots of local supporters.

Ballast Point Brewery

Providing a whole array of craft beer, Ballast Point Brewery actually has many locations scattered throughout San Diego. They offer tours of the brewery and are well known for their friendly staff, outdoor eating and delicious brews.

Much More in San Diego

With so much to experience in San Diego, you’ll need a great place to stay on your trip here. Why not check out the vacation rentals available from 710 Beach Rentals and see how amazing your next trip could be!