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San Diego Chargers ScheduleSitting in the stands, staring down the 50-yard line, a player picks up a fumbled ball from the opposing team and sprints toward the end zone. Dodging the rivals, the player makes it and scores. Touchdown Chargers! The crowd goes wild and you find yourself cheering too. Throughout the game you hear cheers of defense, bolt up, and charge. At this moment you realize you can’t find the electric energy of Chargers fans anywhere other than San Diego, California. If you’re a football fan and are planning to come to San Diego this fall, be sure to check out the San Diego Chargers schedule below and coordinate your stay with one of their home games!

History of the San Diego Chargers

Tracing team history all the way back to 1959, Barron Hilton was the man who formed the AFL (American Football League), which included the wonderful Chargers. At first, the Chargers hailed from Los Angeles, California, approximately a two and a half hour drive. The Chargers, or The Bolts, as fans like to call them, moved to San Diego in 1961 where they played nine more years in the AFL reaching the AFL playoffs five times and the AFL Championship four times.

Before the 1970 season, the AFL and NFL (National Football League) merged where the Chargers made seven trips to the playoffs, three trips to the AFC Championships, and even a trip to Super Bowl XXIX where they fell to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Chargers currently have six Pro Football Hall of Fame players and one coach including Lance Alworth, Dan Frouts, Sid Gillman, Charlie Joiner, Ron Mix, Kellen Winslow, and Fred Dean. They also boast 36 members in the Chargers Hall of Fame.

San Diego Chargers Schedule

There is no better time to visit San Diego than during the 2015 NFL football season. After week one, the Chargers led the NFL in total yards and passing yards with 483 yards of offense and 388 yards passing. Following close behind are a handful of teams they have yet to play this season. Other than the Denver Broncos, the San Diego Chargers are the only team to hold the top position in two of the six statistics from week one.

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Where to Stay in San Diego

With their rich history in the heart of Southern California, attending a San Diego Chargers game will not leave you disappointed. Whether you are interesting in the game of football or just the energy of the crowd, a home game is the place for you. Visit San Diego today to enjoy the many events this area has to offer. We currently have available properties during every home game. To make your dream trip a reality, book a stay with us at 710 Beach Rentals.


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