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San Diego Comic Con is a huge deal. Superheroes? Check. Anime stars? Check. Some of the industry’s most influential leaders? You bet. That’s why even at this enormous event, the San Diego Comic Con for 2016 is sold out. But now is the time to start planning for San Diego Comic Con 2017.

First, you should go to the San Diego Comic Con website and sign up for a member ID. That way you’re in line for updates and buying attendee badges. Member ID opportunities close even before badges go on sale.

What’s On

San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Convention Center is hosting Comic Con again in 2016, beginning with Preview Night on Wednesday, July 20, and running Thursday, July 21 through Sunday, July 24. This year is the 47th year for the show, making it the country’s longest continuously-run comics and popular arts convention.

Every year Comic Con releases its lineup of special guests in much anticipated waves. Hosting literally thousands of the industry’s comic creators, sci-fi and fantasy authors, film and TV personnel, and more.

You can read about the 2016 special guests on the Comic Con website.

Comic Con History

Comic Con International: San Diego began in 1970 when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans put on the first comic book convention in southern California. Comic-Con started as a one-day “minicon,” has grown into an event that attracts over a hundred thousand attendees at the Convention Center as well as satellite locations. Truly, San Diego transforms into a campus-type environment to accommodate the many events, locations, and caped crusaders roaming the streets.

Prepare for Comic Con 2017

As we said earlier, register now for a Member ID. You can check back on the Comic Con website to find out what awesome things are going on at this year’s event, and get psyched for next year’s.

The Comic Con organizers have the best insider tips for prepping:

Although we strive to make attending our show as easy as possible, obtaining a Comic-Con badge can require the persistence of Superman, the patience of a Watcher, the ingenuity of Tony Stark, and the readiness of Batman. We strongly recommend that you read each section related to attending Comic-Con so that you don’t miss any important deadlines for registration. As the event nears, we will also post specific details on how to navigate Comic-Con and where to find your favorite activities, including program schedules, maps, and an online version of our Quick Guide publication.

Be a Hero

As part of your prep, you should consider donating at the Comic Con Blood Drive. You can read about the history of hosting a blood drive at Comic Con, but it’s a great cause and a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community.


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