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San Diego is an amazing place to go for people of virtually any interest. Of course, we all know about the beach and the sights, but it is also an amazing place for food. This is especially true when it comes to pizza. Regardless of what type of pizza you like most, from Chicago style to New York style, you can find a pizza restaurant that makes a mean pizza. The following are some of the best Pizza restaurants in San Diego.

Buona Forchetta

This restaurant can be found in the charming neighborhood of South Park and is serving up the freshest take on Neapolitan style pies in the city. On any given day you can choose between 36 unique pizza recipes or build your own from scratch. You cannot go wrong with a classic like the margherita pizza, but you can also go with something a bit off the beaten path like the Agenese, which comes complete with mushrooms, shrimp, scallops, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses, truly one of the most awesome Pizza restaurants in San Diego.


It is fitting that you would find one of the city’s best pizzerias here in Little Italy. This is the best place to go for authentic tasting pizza. It all starts with their made from scratch dough. You will not taste anything else like it in San Diego, as it is made from flour and yeast that is imported here straight from Italy. The quality here goes beyond the best ingredients in town and extends to traditional cooking methods through a brick-lined gas oven. You need to try one of their pizzas that features the pink pancetta sauce, as it will be the best thing you try during your time in town.

Bronx Pizza, One of the Most Famous Pizza Restaurants in San Diego

This place is famous across San Diego for, you guessed it, delicious New York style pizza. Among classics, you can find the unique recipe in the Whitestone featuring mozzarella, garlic, and creamy herbed ricotta. But there is much more to love here beyond the pizza, especially the calzones. Bronx Pizza makes a trip to the neighborhood of Hillcrest a must.

As you can see, you will find much more than your typical pizza joint in San Diego. Each of these pizzerias and countless more have something about their food that makes them completely unique. While these are a few of the most popular in town, there is certainly much more where they come from. Explore the streets of San Diego during your next vacation and find a pizza place that you will truly love.

San Diego is one of those places where you can find anything you are looking for. This pertains to everything from art and entertainment to, most importantly, food. This is a result of the diverse and vibrant culture of the area. It is definitely a great place to be if you are looking for a good slice of pizza. Throughout the city, you will find some of the most authentic and delicious pizza joints that you can find anywhere in the country, perhaps in the world. Here is a short list of some of these amazing places for pizza in San Diego.

Buona Forchetta

This is the place to go in for those with a soft spot for Neapolitan style pizza. You can enjoy one of the over 36 master pizza concoctions on the menu, or you can go renegade and build your own pizza. One of the most interesting items on the menu is the Agenese, which features porcini mushrooms, shrimp, scallops, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses. This is sure to be unlike anything you have ever tasted before! There is also a gluten-free option for all pies! This pizzeria and restaurant in South Park always provides a memorable pizza.


You can taste the dedication of these pizza makers every time you order one of their delicious pies. The secret to this one of a kind flavor is the dough. Firstly, all yeast and flour used for this dough is imported from Italy. It then ferments in shop for four days before being stretched and baked. Today, it is not often that you eat dough that is this natural and simple, and you will surely taste the difference when you eat at Monello. You can find this charming spot right in the heart of Little Italy.

San Diego Restaurants: Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza has established a place in the hearts of all those who love a good slice of New York style pizza. Among the local favorite menu items is the Whitestone, which is a white pizza with mozzarella, garlic, and ricotta cheese. Bronx Pizza carries the New York tradition of having no seating area, so if you are getting a whole pizza, you will want to get it to go. This has proven to be a non-issue for people since the pizza is so delicious. Stop by if you find yourself near Hillcrest!

San Diego will satisfy just about any endeavor you are interested in. This is especially true for finding an amazing place to get a pizza. These are some classic joints throughout the area, but there are countless more San Diego restaurants that will provide a slice of pizza that you will not soon forget.

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