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It is no secret that San Diego is the top destination here in Southern California. Our beautiful city is full of incredible attractions and activities that are sure to make your stay memorable. Locals and visitors also typically know that Southern California can see its fair share of rainy days throughout the year. Whenever that occurs, make sure you visit one of the many indoor attractions in the area. These will keep you trip full of fun and excitement while you wait for the rain to go away. Take a look at some of our favorite rainy day activities in San Diego:

Visit the Indoor Attractions at Balboa Park

Perhaps the biggest and most popular attraction here in San Diego is Balboa Park. This vast park is full of several different attractions with San Diego Zoo being the most famous. While the zoo is an outdoor attraction, there are several indoor attractions for you to visit. The first is the San Diego Air & Space Museum that highlights our country’s history of flight. You will explore interactive exhibits that showcase San Diego’s history with the Navy and its work on developing flight. Learn about our country’s first space flights and even see actual Navy bombers and flight balloons. Expect to easily spend hours in this infamous museum.

Another favorite here at Balboa Park is the Natural History Museum that is full of exhibits showcasing Southern California’s rich natural history. Expect to find giant displays of dinosaurs and gemstones mined in the area. A variety of films on display will showcase these incredible beasts and the underwater oasis that surrounds San Diego.

For traditional art galleries you cannot go wrong with a visit to the San Diego Museum of Art. You can view incredible works of art such as sculptures, paintings, and more. For more photographic artwork, stop in the Museum of Photographic Arts, also in the area. All of these museums are available to stop in on a rainy day right here in San Diego.

Visit the USS Midway Museum

Another great attraction to visit on a rainy day is the USS Midway Museum. While part of the museum is outdoors on top of the ship, the rest is all indoors. Beat the usual crowds by visiting on a rainy day and explore the interior of this vessel. This retired aircraft carrier is a joy to see for individuals of all ages. Learn all about 50 years the ship was in service that included multiple wars and campaigns it took part in. You can’t go wrong with exploring the vast interior space of the USS Midway Museum.

Stop by the Birch Aquarium

While the San Diego Zoo may be an outdoor only attraction you can spend some time indoors inside the Birch Aquarium. As mentioned, San Diego has its own personal paradise deep beneath the waters. The Birch Aquarium has plenty of incredible aquatic life found in interactive exhibits on display. Expect to find live tide pools and exhibits that show off amazing creatures such as seahorses, rays, sharks, and much more. Come visit around sundown where you can get some of the best views of the coastline sunsets in the city. No bad weather can keep these incredible creatures away when you stop in the Birch Aquarium.

Do Some Indoor Shopping

Vacation has never been a bad time for some shopping on a rainy day. San Diego features plenty of indoor shopping areas such as the Westfield Mission Valley. This indoor shopping mall can be found in Mission Valley. In between your shopping, stop by the movie theatre to catch the latest flick or stop by the ice rink for some indoor ice skating. Individuals of all ages can find something to do in this popular shopping center. You can also stop by Seaport Village for even more shopping and dining options. This seaside mall features indoor and outdoor areas that you can easily explore on a rainy day. The fish market is the perfect place to find something for dinner or stop by Hess Brewery to grab a pint as you wait out the rain. All of the dining shops provide options for day time snacking or to sit down and have a meal. Either way you cannot go wrong with some shopping right here in San Diego!

Your Time Here in San Diego

As you can see, there are plenty of options for the occasional rainy day here in San Diego. Spend your time with these exciting activities before the skies clear up again for your outdoor activities. You can prepare for your stay by reserving one of our fine vacation rentals. Each of our properties are featured in desirable San Diego neighborhoods keeping you close to where you want to spend your time at.

San Diego is an exciting and scenic city that calls to travelers from across the map in droves year after year. While it’s decidedly a place that beckons to those looking to enjoy fun outdoor adventure alongside fine dining and shopping options, it can just as easily fit the expectations of those looking to savor a more isolated stay. When you’re hoping to keep far from the crowds while still enjoying the city’s special ambiance, be sure to add the following San Diego activities to your customized itinerary.

Book a Fishing Charter

One of the ultimate routes to staying far from the crowds while still enjoying the scenery is to get out on the water. One of the best routes to enjoying time on the water safely is to book a private fishing charter while you’re in town. Consider planning your adventure with the team at Fishing Charters of San Diego for a long list of options ranging from near-shore excursions to deep-sea fun. Guests can book their trip for a few hours, a half-day or full-day of fishing depending on their preference. Either way, you’ll be on the hunt for halibut, sea bass, shark, and marlin alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Hike the Trails

San Diego is known and loved for its beaches, but it’s also an oasis of potential when it comes to hiking. The terrain is in fact dotted with a maze of hiking trails worth exploring when you’re excited to head out solo and commune with nature one step at a time. Those who are looking for the reward of sweeping views at the end of their trek will enjoy a trip through Annie’s Canyon while they’re in town. Complete with sand dunes and rugged walkways, this 2-mile loop takes hikers through Solana Beach and promises lagoon and ocean views along the way.

Find Time to Dine on the Water

While the city of San Diego is certainly packed with savory restaurants that are worth enjoying, the independent traveler looking for a way to enjoy palate-pleasing moments away from the crowd will want to consider booking a private sailing excursion during their visit. Experiences that are booked through Sail Away San Diego can be customized to include onboard dinner options as well. Whether you plan to learn to sail, can’t wait to sightsee, or are focused on the flavor and view, these personalized trips are sure to please.

Visit Sunset Cliffs

Accessed near Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs is an appropriately named secluded Beach in San Diego that offers up a sense of off-the-beaten-path tranquility paired with stunning surroundings. Find your place in the sand away from more popular beach destinations and feel free to spend an afternoon listening to the waves roll gently in. Don’t be surprised if you have a few more visitors during the evening hours as Sunset Cliffs is a delightful destination to watch evening colors stretch across the California sky.

Book a Personal Zoo Tour

The San Diego Zoo is a vibrant destination designed to highlight wildlife conservation at its finest and year-round it’s a popular place for large groups to gather and enjoy. However, those individuals hoping to experience the zoo without the stress of contending with large numbers of others can make the most of booking a private VIP tour experience while they’re in San Diego. This reservation gives guests the privilege of touring the grounds at less populated hours alongside a personal guide. It also offers up options to see behind the scenes feedings and enclosures that are otherwise closed to the general public.

Tour a Gold Mine

While the above-ground adventures in San Diego are thrilling and the on-the-water options are impressive, the lesser-known yet just as exciting options may lie below the ground. Situated in nearby Julian is the opportunity to visit and tour an 1870s gold mine for an admission price of only $10 per guest. This unique destination was first opened to visitors back in 1968 and today, continues to thrill with guided tours that lead underground through more than 1,000 feet of rock tunnels. Adding to the fun is the fact that during the tour, guests can learn about and see examples of mining techniques that were once used in this area as well as get a close up look at the equipment that made it possible.

Enjoy Your California Adventure

Whether you’re here for an isolated stay or can’t wait to get out and explore alongside friends and family, the team at 710 Vacation Rentals is ready and waiting to make sure you have just the right accommodations to match. We’re in the business of exceeding expectations and are proud to offer up a portfolio of rental property options across the city that can be customized to taste and style. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your next trip to sunny California!

It’s hard to escape the fact that from time to time, life gets crazy. Whether it’s the pressure of daily responsibilities, a hectic home schedule, family life, or a combination of it all, it can be difficult to escape the grind. When the pressure finds its way into the routine, it’s often a good idea to step away and find a sense of rejuvenation through travel.

The opportunity to set your sights on a new destination paired with a list of activities that help you enjoy something exciting is a wonderful strategy to pressing reset in life. It doesn’t necessarily take long to find your Zen once again and even a short getaway can do wonders in the way of mental health. Much in the way that travel can provide this relief for individuals, it can also be a powerful tool when it’s time to treat a larger group of employees to a getaway.

Office life can get just as overwhelming as home life and planning a San Diego corporate retreat is often a good tool for taking time away from the expected and shaking things up in the name of fun. Corporate retreats provide a chance for employees to bond over shared experiences that happen away from the common office setting. Whether a corporate retreat is planned in the name of stress release or as a reward for a job well-done, it’s well worth taking time to consider when it’s time for a work reset as well. When it’s time to pick a place to enjoy a corporate retreat that brings the fun, sun, and sand in abundance, making your way to San Diego, California is sure to inspire!

Leave Stress Behind and Unwind in San Diego Style

Sitting in an office day after day, it’s easy to lose perspective. Getting out and enjoying some time together as a professional team in San Diego is a sure way to help everyone let loose and truly enjoy being colleagues. While great ideas can definitely come through during a corporate retreat as relaxation sets in, heading somewhere like sunny San Diego tends to inspire a people-first mentality which can work to bring individuals together in a more organic setting. Finding common ground is great when you have time at the beach to help you do it.

San Diego Activities in San Diego to Enjoy as a Team

It’s Pacific Coast locale and collection of sugar-white sand shorelines has long made San Diego one of the most desirable destinations in all of California, filled with plenty of San Diego activities. Planning a corporate retreat here means that employers have a long list of options available for fun activities that will speak to a variety of interests and motivations. For the team that would bond best over wildlife, a Zoo Safari at the iconic San Diego Zoo is sure to please. Get hands-on experience with feeding giraffe or up close with rhinos as staff leads a behind the scenes experience that your group will be talking about long after they’ve left. While a walk through Balboa Park is bound to leave your professional team inspired, a trip to the USS Midway Museum highlights military history in stunning fashion. A trip through Old Town is ideal for making the most of the city’s amazing architecture while Seaport Village opens up options for hitting the waves in style with a sunset cruise. Need something more intense to get your group up and going? Plan for an afternoon of laser tag at UltraZone and let individual strengths shine in the name of strategy.

Accommodations Designed to Welcome Everyone

Making sure you have just the right corporate retreat accommodations in place is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating an unforgettable stay for everyone. The team at 710 Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you book into a property that keeps you close to those destinations your team wants to explore together while bringing the comfort, convenience, and luxury too. Our corporate retreat rentals are meticulously maintained, cleaned, and upgraded upon request to include extras that would take your trip to the next level of excellence. Complete with tasteful furnishings, great views, and full kitchens for those nights when a home-style meal would work best for your group, planning a corporate stay with 710 Vacation Rentals is the way to go. While the luxury is easy to find in our corporate rentals, guests will enjoy the fact that a stay in one of our properties comes with a sense of welcome that’s difficult to top. Home-style comforts paired with California-inspired designs will make it easy for your group to settle in as soon as they arrive. Contact us today to learn more about our many options and services and to begin planning your corporate retreat to San Diego!

When January hits San Diego, we’ll be gearing up for the new year. That means exciting events, mid-winter fun, and plenty of time for you to come and experience San Diego at the beginning of your new year. We’re at the height of the off-season for tourism, which makes it the perfect time for you to come and visit for these upcoming events in San Diego without all the crowds.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Live!

Sat, Jan 25, 7:30 PM

Balboa Theatre

868 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA

Tickets: $32.50 – 55.50

Remember that show we all loved back in the 90s? On TV, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 would run old, bad, cheesy horror movies, and make fun of them via commentary the entire time. It was hilarious. Recently, the show has been raised from the dead for Netflix, and they’re back at it again! Come and see them perform live. It’s a comedy show, but even better.

Dark Star Orchestra

Fri, Feb 21, 7:00 PM

House of Blues San Diego

1055 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA

Tickets: $29.50 – 65

Come to the lovely and classy House of Blues to see the musical stylings of the legendary Dark Star Orchestra, Vincent, and Melvv. Dark Star Orchestra is a tribute band to one of the most iconic folk-rock bands of all time: The Grateful Dead. Make sure to grab your tickets before they sell out!

Margarita Crawl San Diego

Sat, Feb 29, 2:00 – 8:00 PM

Tickets: $14.00 – 34.99

San Diego, CA

Sponsored by Bar Crawl Unlimited (whose company motto is to “create memories that will last a lifetime”), Margarita Crawl San Diego will take you on a journey through the city. Spend Leap Day leaping from venue to venue, discovering the delicious delights that San Diego has to offer. The venues participating will be announced by Bar Crawl Unlimited.

TinyFest California

Feb 29 – Mar 1, 2020

Del Mar Fairgrounds

2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA

Tickets: TBA

Spend your Leap Day this year doing something as offbeat and fun as this odd day of the year deserves. Visit TinyFest California to get a taste of the hit sensation sweeping the modern era: tiny houses. Touring some of the tiny houses and van conversions at this festival is just the beginning. There will also be a Simple Living Marketplace, workshops, guest speakers, food, and live music.

Make 710 Vacation Rentals One of Your Biggest Events in San Diego

However you decide to spend your days in sunny San Diego, you’ll want to spend your evenings in style and comfort. Let us help you make your home-away-from-home one of the biggest events in San Diego for you at the start of 2020. Take a look at our catalog to begin your search today!

If you have chosen San Diego for your next vacation, you couldn’t have picked a better place for your Spring Break. The city comes to life right about the same time winter calls it a season and slowly turns in spring. The attractions here are mostly geared toward the warm weather, and with so many things to see and do, your vacation is guaranteed to be a never-ending ride of fun and entertainment. Here are a few ideas to build your San Diego spring break vacation around.

Theme Parks and Museums

Theme parks have always been a source of joy for the whole family. Even today in the age of the internet, classic theme parks continue to amuse and entertain thousands of people every year. San Diego has some of the best classic theme parks with local color for the whole family. SeaWorld is an example of a theme park at which both adults and children can spend the whole day enjoying various attractions and activities. And for beachfront fun, try Belmont Park. For those who love to feel entertained while getting educated at the same time, Sand Diego museums are a perfect opportunity to get a bit of both. The USS Midway Museum is a retired aircraft carrier that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Both the Air & Space Museum and the San Diego Museum of Art are also recommended on a fine spring day.

LEGOLAND and La Jolla

Just mention LEGOLAND California to your kids and watch their face break into a smile of anticipation. That’s exactly the effect the place has on adults too. LEGOLAND California is where the fun has no limits and where you set your imagination free without fear of being judged. And when you’ve had your fun, head over to La Jolla. Here you can enjoy all the water sports you have been waiting all winter for. Swimming, kayaking, biking, sunbathing, snorkeling, and much more.

Beach Rentals for the Best San Diego Vacation

Speaking of the beach, did you know that we offer the best beach vacation rentals in the whole of San Diego? We’re not tooting our own horn; these are actually some of the testimonials we received from our customers. Our vacation homes near the beach give you access to the beach like no other rentals in the area. And with our 24/7 guest support, you can rest assured that your vacation will be hassle-free and full of fun. Call us today for more ideas for an amazing San Diego spring break and to book one of our vacation homes!

San Diego is famous throughout the world as a vacation destination. Topping the list are some of the best beaches in the world and an endless assortment of San Diego activities. But there is so much more to love about this one-of-a-kind city that you cannot understand without a bit of exploration. The following are three gems in San Diego that you will not find in the guidebooks.

The Secret Swings

Secluded along the gorgeous coastline of La Jolla, you will find one of the best places to watch a sunset imaginable. A handful of swings hanging from trees on the cliffs above Scripps Pier wait patiently for someone to discover the beauty here. The swings tend to change locations now and again, so they take a bit of finding, but it is only a short hike along the hills above Expedition Way.

Convoy Street

Convoy Street is lovingly referred to by locals as Asian Restaurant Row. This is because you can find hands down the best and most authentic takes on Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. After a delicious meal, you will also find joy in walking the charming streets that these classic establishments call home. If you are in the mood for any Far East cuisine, Convoy Street is the only place to go.

Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market

San Diego is known for its farmers’ markets, but there are none quite like the one in Little Italy. This affair takes place every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm, taking up nearly five blocks along W. Cedar Street in the heart of downtown. With over 200 local vendors, you can find almost anything that you can imagine from sea urchins caught that same day, the best local craft beer, microgreens cut right off the plant, and so much more. A trip to San Diego is not quite complete without a visit to this local favorite.

Find a Gorgeous Vacation Home

You also will not find all of the amazing vacation rentals in the guidebooks, because there are so many. You will find the greatest collection of incredible homes, condos, and townhomes when you look to the selection provided by 710 Beach Rentals. Whether you want to be on the water in Pacific Beach or Mission Beach or immersed in the excitement of downtown, we have what you are looking for. Well, as long as you are looking for beautifully designed homes filled with high end furniture, luxurious amenities, gourmet kitchens, bedrooms fit for royalty, and much more. Find the San Diego vacation home of your dreams easier than ever by browsing our selection today! Contact us to learn more about San Diego activities and to book your next rental.

San Diego is known for its great weather, but it occasionally does rain. The city’s rainy season is held November – March. If it does rain on one of the days you’re visiting San Diego, the city has plenty of options for indoor fun, including aquariums, spas, and breweries.  Read more about San Diego rainy day activities.

Birch Aquarium

The Birch Aquarium is a cutting-edge research aquarium run by the Scripps Institute and UC San Diego. The aquarium has over 5,000 fish in more than 60 exhibits, including a Mexican seas exhibit and a seahorse exhibit, fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean, and interactive displays. They also have daily feeding shows at many of the exhibits where you can see the animals adventure out of their habitats, making the tank really come to life. The aquarium is great for the whole family and is open every day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Spa at the Grand Del Mar

Vacations are meant for relaxing, and what better way to do so than a day at the spa. The spa at the Grand Del Mar is an elegant European-style spa with 5-star service, distinguished therapists, saunas, and a selection of rejuvenating services. They offer massage therapy, cleansing facials, hot clay wraps, Vichy showers, and aromatherapy using all-natural spa products. After your massage you can enjoy tea and gourmet bites while you relax on daybeds in their lounge with a fireplace. The spa is open Sunday – Thursday from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. This is a great option if you don’t know what to do on a rainy day here in the city.

Green Flash Brewing Co. is One of the Top San Diego California Activities

San Diego is known for its craft beer and Green Flash is one of the best breweries in the city. Their 4,000-sq-foot state of the art tasting room features more than 30 beers on tap, including seasonal, rare, and special releases. The tasting room is open Monday – Wednesday from 3 p.m. – 9 p.m., Thursday from 3 p.m. – 10 p.m., Friday from 12 p.m. – 10 p.m., Saturday from 12 p.m. – 9 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. They also offer tours of the brewery Tuesday – Thursday at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., Friday at 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m. Tours cost $6.50 per person and include a 60-minute tour of the brewery and a tasting of four of their beers, something that goes along perfectly with the rain.

If you are planning a vacation to San Diego be sure to check out our luxury vacation rentals. We offer some of the nicest homes in San Diego, from cozy beach cottages to upscale mansions where you can stay while you enjoy San Diego California activities.

San Diego is one of the most visited cities in the entire country. The beaches and perfect weather are a big reason for this, but so are the wonderful events that fill the city’s calendar throughout the year. This is particularly true when the summer months come around, as the community really comes to life. You are sure to find an event for everyone during this time. The following are five San Diego summer events that are coming to San Diego this summer that you will not want to miss!

San Diego County Fair

From June through July, you will not want to miss the largest fair in all of California. This is the best way to spend a summer day or evening in San Diego enjoying great rides, awesome food, one of a kind entertainment, and so much more. And you will never have experienced a Ferris wheel ride as sweet as this one with the incredible views of the Pacific Ocean that it provides. You can find all the action at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

4th of July Big Bay Boom

This is the largest fireworks display in the whole country, and you could not pick a more beautiful venue for it. This July 4th celebration features an incredible array of fireworks launched from barges throughout the northern San Diego Bay. The best part is you can enjoy the show beginning at 9:00 pm from nearly anywhere in the city, but the best spots can be found anywhere along the shores of the San Diego Bay.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Like the other events here, this one is the biggest of its kind in the entire country. People think of comic books when they think of Comic-Con, but it is really a celebration of all things pop culture, and you are not going to want to miss it. Enjoy panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations from everyone from comic book professionals to filmmakers. This year, it is happening July 18th through the 22nd at the San Diego Convention Center in the downtown area.

Del Mar Races

Del Mar is known for many things, but one of the most prominent is the horse racing that takes place from mid-July to early September. This event is fun for everyone even if you are not looking to bet on the ponies, because it is a true spectacle to be a part of. You can catch races five days a week at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Miramar Air Show

As summer comes to a close there is no stop to the great San Diego summer events. If you are travelling here in September, you could have a chance to see one of the best air shows in the country. There are over 100 civilian and military performers, with the height of action of course coming with the flight of the United States Navy’s Blue Angels. This is happening on September 22nd through the 24th and is sure to provide fun for the whole family.

Find a Great Place to Stay While Enjoying San Diego Summer Events!

There is no shortage of things to do while in San Diego, but you will also have no problem finding an amazing place to call home while you are here. And we are not talking about hotels, as the comforts of the city’s numerous vacation rentals trump those of any hotels, any night of the week. This is especially true for the homes that 710 Beach Rentals provide. Not only are each of them beautiful and cozy, but they are speckled throughout the best areas in town that you will allow you to easily attend the events that you choose. Check out our awesome listings today!

San Diego is a fantastic vacation destination all year long, and Halloween is no exception! From San Diego’s enviable fall weather to the city’s fun and exciting fall events, your vacation is brimming with opportunities for Halloween thrills. Read on to learn more about the top reasons to spend Halloween in San Diego!

The Weather

While other states around the country are beginning to feel the brisk chill of fall weather, sunny San Diego experiences a much milder fall, allowing you to enjoy the beach and the sights of the city in comfort. You can even plan a beach day, though the water will be a bit cooler than in the summer!

Family-Friendly San Diego Halloween Events

For families with young children or who are just looking for something Halloween-related and fun to do, there are a variety of family-friendly San Diego Halloween events. The San Diego Botanic Garden Family Fall Festival allows visitors to paint pumpkins, do Halloween crafts, participate in a costume contest, and pet animals at the petting zoo. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes at this event. Other cool events in the area include the Haunted Garden Tour & Family Fair at Mission Hills Nursery, the Pumpkin Express train at Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, and Balboa Park Halloween Family Day (which is different from Balboa Park’s Haunted Trail).

Halloween in the Gaslamp District

The Gaslamp District celebrates Halloween with a variety of nightlife events and their famous Haunted Hotel, where one of the district’s historic buildings swarms with the living dead and other monsters of the night. Enjoy events on the weekend leading up to Halloween, such as the San Diego Zombie Crawl to clubs and restaurants, Vin de Syrah’s Sleepy Hollow Halloween, and the block party called the Monster Bash. On the night of Halloween, there’s a Saints & Sinners party at Tin Roof!

Haunted Museums and More

San Diego’s most famous museums gear up for the spookiest season of the year by putting a creepy face on historic buildings and ramping up the ghost stories. Halloween at the Whaley House includes extended hours, Past & Presence Ghost Tours, and ghost hunts held after-hours. The Davis-Horton House, already believed to be haunted no matter what season, showcases its paranormal findings in-house. The Star of India ship hosts ghost stories told by storytellers based on the ship’s seafaring past. And the Scream Zone, San Diego’s largest (and reportedly the scariest) Halloween attraction has three parts in one setting: The Haunted Hayride, the House of Horror, and KarnEvil.

Iconic Attractions Transform for Halloween

From Birch Aquarium’s Sea Monster Mash to the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, San Diego’s most recognizable and renowned spots don a spookier exterior to add a special touch to your Halloween in the city. LEGOLAND hosts Brick-or-Treat nights and extended park hours. SeaWorld holds a Halloween Spooktacular that has mermaids. And Belmont Park turns into Boomont Park Fall Festival and Haunt, with trick-or-treating, a pumpkin patch, and a creepy rollercoaster. The fun never ends!

710 Beach Rentals – Bringing You the Best of San Diego

To learn more about celebrating Halloween in San Diego, as well as other awesome events, activities, and attractions you can enjoy in San Diego all year long, contact our reservations team and reserve your stay in one of our elegant vacation rental properties today!

Brunch is a special tradition among some people—whether it’s the only way to start off a weekend, or the perfect birthday outing, or the imperative start to any vacation, a person’s favorite brunch place is near and dear to their heart. While this might make this list a contentious one, we can’t help but share a few of our favorite brunch spots in San Diego.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

While San Diego delights in its eclectic options, Tom Ham’s shoots straight for brunch, with simple options like whole grain pancakes and an omelet station. Brunch only happens on Sundays though, so if you want your free-flowing champagne, plan accordingly! It’s located close to the San Diego International Airport, making it a great spot to start your vacation if you come in on an early flight or to top it off before you leave.

Mess Hall

Brunch is only available on Sundays here, but if you want something fancy and savory, this is the place to go. It can sometimes be hard to justify the price, but for the atmosphere and the options—from bacon steak to dressed-up toast—you can’t go wrong with Mess Hall. It’s between Sea World and the airport on Historic Decatur Road.

The Mission

While not strictly a brunch place, The Mission’s breakfasts make it a popular stop for those on Mission Beach. Like much of San Diego, it attends to healthy-eaters with low-carb and low-calorie options. It also includes southwestern flair, including the use of chorizo and jalapeños. If you’re not sure what to get here, go for a breakfast croissant!

Fig Tree Café

It’s a pleasant environment too, with the outdoor seating complementing the San Diego weather. Their breakfast staples, including their eggs benedict, French toast, and pancakes. Service here is consistently friendly. The most popular Fig Tree Café is in Pacific Beach, but happily, you can find Fig Tree Café throughout the city—there’s one in Liberty Station, and another in Hillcrest.

Hanna’s Gourmet

“Carrot cake pancakes.” Are you convinced yet? Hanna’s Gourmet has some inventive twists on breakfast staples—with a globally-inspired menu, they tap into some of the best flavor combinations humanity has discovered. Red velvet pancakes, eggs a la Morocco, and omelet a la Romana all delight the taste buds and fill the palette. Hanna’s Gourmet is in University Heights on Adams Avenue.

Total Relaxation: 710 Beach Rentals

With lovely weather and the soothing sound of waves, San Diego is the perfect spot for sleeping in, especially if you’re in a super-comfortable home. Treat yourself to a 710 Beach Rental by calling 858-598-3137 and sleep in for brunch!