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It should be no surprise that San Diego offers a variety of romantic activities perfect for your next Valentine’s Day getaway. San Diego has always been considered a romantic city and a top place to visit in California. Take a look at some of the most romantic activities in San Diego that you and a loved one can enjoy:

Walk the Beach at Sunset

When you visit San Diego, you will have 70 miles of beautiful coastline at your disposal. There is nothing more romantic than taking a beachside stroll at sunset with a loved one. The temperatures are incredible year-round, letting you enjoy a walk in light attire. One beach we highly recommend you’re your sunset stroll is La Jolla Shores Beach. This popular beach is located in the picturesque La Jolla community. You can easily enjoy just the walk or engage in a variety of beachside activities such as surfing, stand up paddleboarding, and more. You can even visit the Underwater Marine Park that features all of the incredible sea life in the area. Once you have seen the beachside sunset you will never see anything quite as beautiful again.

Tour with the Gondola Company

You do not just have to settle for seeing San Diego by land; book a gondola ride with the Gondola Company on Coronado Island. This local tour company offers romantic tours of the Coronado Cays from the comfort of an intimate gondola boat. The tour is just 50 minutes in length making it the perfect activity before Valentine’s Day dinner. Enjoy the provided treats such as chocolate covered strawberries or an Italian appetizer; bottles of wine are available to purchase as well! Once you are done with your gondola ride make sure you check out the incredible beaches on Coronado Island. Grab a cocktail from the Hotel Del Coronado, one of the historic buildings right here in San Diego.

Plan a Dinner Cruise

As mentioned, it is always exciting and romantic to see San Diego from the water. There are a variety of cruises that depart from San Diego every day. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you can expect that sunset cruises will become more popular. Book a romantic sunset and dinner cruise with Sunset Sail. This local cruise company offers 3-hour cruises that make it easy to plan for a romantic activity. Private cruises are available along with public offerings. Show your loved one how beautiful the San Diego sunset is when you are just off the coast of the city.

Take a Romantic Hike

Outdoor lovers will have an incredible time hiking the preserved landscape found over at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This state park features 8 miles of natural reserve just off the coast that is the perfect location for a romantic hike. The reserve is one of just two locations on the planet where you can find Torrey pine trees making it one of the most romantic activities in San Diego. No food or drinks are allowed on the reserve, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Visit Balboa Park

San Diego is home to a variety of attractions with many of them located inside Balboa Park. In fact, there are over 85 different recreational and cultural facilities here at Balboa Park. Explore the park to visit unique attractions and shops found only here. Multiple gardens including a botanical building are available to be explored offering the perfect romantic setting. Of course, you cannot visit Balboa Park without stopping by the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Your loved one will be absolutely thrilled seeing the cute animals featured here at the zoo. Feed a giraffe or see one of the newborn animals. Make sure to review city mandates for any COVID-19 restrictions taking place during your stay.

Have a Romantic Dinner

Last but certainly not least is San Diego’s abundance of romantic restaurants right here in the city. You will have a variety of cuisine options to choose from for your Valentine Day’s dinner. For a fine dining experience like no other make sure to dine with the Addison Restaurant. This fine dining establishment is known for its romantic and elegant setting along with New French fare. The ten course and five course meals are the perfect way to taste all of the chef’s recommendations. Vintage wines are the perfect pair for any dinner here at Addison Restaurant. For a romantic Italian dinner stop in Enoteca Adriano. This authentic Italian eatery also offers a romantic ambience along with beautifully presented dishes. Reservations are required for both restaurants so make sure to plan in advance for a romantic meal at these locations.

Look No Further Than San Diego

As you can see, there is no limit to the romantic activities in San Diego that are available to you. Reserve one of our vacation rentals in advance to have access to fine amenities and privacy that local hotels and resorts cannot offer.

The best way to say “I love you” is by taking your loved one on a vacation this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day together in a fun new place. Here are some activity ideas to really make this Valentine’s Day in San Diego stand out:

Take Movie Dates to the Next Level

Attend the Valentine’s Day Film Festival at the Don Powell Theatre on February 14th. If you two love to go on movie dates together, then this is the perfect Valentine’s Day date activity. Prepare for a night of fun, romantic, and moving short films presented by the SDSU student filmmakers in honor of the most romantic holiday of the year. Tickets are only $10, but seating is limited, so grab yours now!

Take A Class & A Glass

This year give your loved one more than just a glass of wine to toast with. One of the most fun things you can do together is to take a class about something you enjoy! This year, Rize Studio will be hosting a Valentine’s Day event that they’re calling: unWINEd: Valentine’s Day Class + A Glass. At this class you’ll get to have fun with playful aerial yoga and tricks, complete with a glass of wine, which is much better than simply sharing a bottle of wine at a restaurant over Valentine’s dinner. This event will be taking place on February 14th at 6:00pm, and entry costs $29.

Take A Sunset Kayak Tour

Extend your Valentine’s day activities into the weekend by signing up for this Saturday outing onto the Pacific waters surrounding San Diego. Join experienced REI tour guides on a kayaking expedition to explore the Coronado Tidelands. On this tour, you’ll see San Diego in a unique way that you can only experience from the water. You’ll have views of downtown, Coronado Island, and the beautiful Glorietta Bay area. Included in this trip are all the gear you’ll need, plus extra luxuries, like hot chocolate and other treats to share with your sweetheart. It’s a beginner-level journey, which means that anyone can participate, regardless of your prior experience. This event is 5:30-8:30pm on February 15th and tickets are $70.

Choose a Romantic Rental with Valentines Day in San Diego

In order to make this Valentine’s day vacation your most romantic ever, you’ll want a rental that matches your vision. Head over to our catalog today to find the one that’s right for you! Contact us!

Whatever the occasion, a trip to San Diego will certainly make it more memorable. This is true of the Fourth of July and Flag Day, but it is perhaps most true of Valentine’s Day. This is because of endless beauty, things to do, and the inherent romance of the city. These are three reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in San Diego.

Amazing Experiences on the Water

One of the best things you can do in San Diego is to get out on the water in some way. There are many ways to do this, but Valentine’s Day calls for the incredibly romantic experience of one of San Diego’s sunset cruises. Enjoy the incredible sights of San Diego’s coastline along with bottomless champagne, delicious food, and great music. There are many amazing services for this, but Cruise San Diego is one of the most beloved in town.

Amazing San Diego Restaurants

As with pretty much everything, there are countless amazing San Diego restaurants. As a successful Valentine’s Day is not possible without great food, then this is a good place to be. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is one of the best examples both in the setting and the food they provide. You can also find a romantic and decadent experience at Catania, Chez Loma, Ambrogio 15, and so many more.

“For the Love of Chocolate Festival”

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like one of the single most incredible chocolate-centric events you will find anywhere. It is taking place throughout the charming streets of downtown Escondido. Of course, this is a no-brainer for those who love chocolate, but there is much more to love about this festival from the wine pairings with the chocolate to great food, beers, live music, and so much more. This unique event on February 9this the perfect primer for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Stay in a Place That You Will Love

While it is so important to know about a few awesome things to do around town, it is infinitely more important to ensure you are staying in a place you will love. When you pick a vacation rental throughout 710 Beach Rentals, ordinary moments spent there become extraordinary. Throughout our one-of-a-kind selection, you can find the most beautiful homes in the most beautiful areas that San Diego has to offer. Make your 2019 Valentine’s Day the best one yet with 710 Beach Rentals.