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The world-renowned San Diego Zoo is a major attraction for visitors to the city. But you can take your animal experience a step further with the incredible Sand Diego Zoo Safari Park. A ton of exhibits and interactive activities and shows are available, but the star of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is, of course, the safaris.

Here’s an overview of some of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park options…

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Caravan Safari

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park Caravan Safari is a 3.5-hour adventure in an open-air, covered truck. This tour takes you on an up-close encounter experience at several field enclosures. Animals you’ll see include Asian and African birds and mammals, with an opportunity to feed giraffes.

A special Kids Caravan Safari is shorter and better for younger adventurers. This option includes a safari truck trip to the Africa field enclosure for an opportunity to feed giraffes.

Cheetah Safari

On the San Diego Zoo Safari Park Cheetah Safari, you’ll get to meet the star of the Shiley’s Cheetah Run attraction. The cheetah is the fastest land mammal, and this safari offers reserved, trackside seating for a unique, jaw-dropping experience at Shiley’s Cheetah Run. During this experience, the sleek cat races on a straight 330-foot-long track that allows it to reach maximum speed of about 70 miles per hour.

Before the cat makes its entrance, Cheetah Safari guests can relax in the Cheetah Safari seating area while being treated to a private up-close encounter with another African animal. After the cheetah has finished his or her sprint, the large cat and its trainer will come over for an exclusive meet-and-greet opportunity.

Jungle Ropes Safari

Climb, balance, swing, and walk through the trees on the Safari Park’s Jungle Ropes Safari! Challenge yourself with this daring experience that offers three different courses, each one containing more than a dozen elements. With rope bridges, aerial tightropes, swinging log steps and moving platforms, this is definitely for thrill-seekers.

This is a 90-minute safari, though you can travel through the courses at your own pace.

Cart Safari

Africa: A knowledgeable guide will explain the Park’s story and answer questions. This is the perfect safari for photographing African animals.

Asia: This personalized tour offers an opportunity to see field enclosures not accessible to the public. It includes photo stops featuring incredible Asian wildlife.

Trike Safari

This is really an interactive safari, since you ride on a motorized trike through the African Plains and the Asian Savanna. An hour-long safari, this option includes two knowledgeable guides, photo stops and unique visual opportunities in Safari Park areas not accessible on foot.

Behind-the-Scenes Safari

With three options for the Behind-the-Scenes Safari (Tiger & Friends, Lion & Friends, Cheetah & Friends), you can customize your interactions based on your favorite type of animals! Or, choose the Veterinary option, where you’ll visit the Park’s Paul Harter Veterinary Medical Center and learn about the history of veterinary services at the Park.

Roar & Snore Safari

One of the most unusual options for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, on this safari you’ll spend the night! Signing up for this safari ensures you’ll relax in comfy tents surrounded by the sights and sounds of wildlife. All sleepovers include camp activities, an after-hours look at the wild life of the animals, guided walks, a campfire program, dinner, an evening snack, and breakfast the following morning.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Ultimate Safari

For the most immersive, custom safari, choose the Ultimate Safari. It’s simply the ultimate way to experience the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Spend up to five hours exploring the Safari Park with your own personal tour guide, including off-exhibit areas. Or if you’re game for the whole day, 8-hour-long custom safaris can be arranged.


One thing’s for sure, at the end of a long safari, it’s great to get back home to wash up and relax! 710 Beach Rentals can help you find the perfect San Diego accommodations to act as your safari base camp.