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There are many reasons why San Diego is one of the most visited cities in the entire United States. Among these are the amazing and reliable weather, awesome beaches, and charming culture. You can find these qualities in San Diego regardless of the season, but the city really comes to life during spring. Here are a few of the best spring outdoor activities in San Diego.

Visit the Endless Beaches

If you are visiting San Diego, it is likely due to the amazing beaches found throughout the area. During the spring, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and weather, without all the crowds that flock here during the summer. Mission Beach is a great place to find endless energy and things to do. The La Jolla area offers some of the best surfing beaches in the city. Sunset Cliffs provides the most peaceful and secluded beach experience in the city. There is a beach for everyone in San Diego.

Visit the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most celebrated zoos in the country and one of the best things to do in San Diego. This is due to the amazing array of unique animals that are found here, but it is also due to the beauty of the area upon which the zoo sits. Simply walking the streets of the zoo will provide for some memorable moments with friends and families, but beautiful animals, fun shows, and great food ensure a day that you will not soon forget.

Festivals of Food and Drink

The community in San Diego is always celebrating something. During the spring, they happen to be celebrating delicious beverages! On March 31st, you can experience the best of San Diego craft beers (some of the best in the world!) at the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival. If you are looking to bring a little delicious sophistication to your vacation, the Uncorked: San Diego Wine Festival on March 31st might be right up your alley.

Get to Know the City

There is no better way to do this than by taking advantage of the SEAL Tours. This is sure to be the most unique tour of the most unique city you have ever taken, as your tour vehicle transfers seamlessly between land and sea! One moment you are cruising down the charming streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, and the next you are gliding across the bay enjoying the best view of the city you will find anywhere.

Smell the Flowers with these Outdoor Activities in San Diego

Something that you simply need to experience at least once in your life is the Carlsbad Flower Fields. You are sure to have never seen such expansive beauty as the fields burst with the colors of spring. You can also enjoy the largest flower festival in the country in the Coronado Flower Show.

Spring is a time of vibrant colors and energy. There is no better place in the world to celebrate this than in beautiful San Diego in one of our amazing beachfront rentals. You will find a good time regardless of when you visit, but each and every visitor will tell you, there is something special about spring in San Diego!

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San Diego Zoo ExhibitsIf you have been wanting to visit San Diego, now is the perfect time to plan your trip. While you’re here, make sure to check out the San Diego Zoo Exhibits. The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the country, and when you visit, you’ll quickly see why! Even better, during October, all children 11 and younger receive free admission!

San Diego Zoo Exhibits You Must Visit

The San Diego Zoo has a lot of amazing exhibits. While we can’t cover them all, here is a list of the exhibits you must visit during your time in San Diego.

Elephant Odyssey

Elephant Odyssey is a 2.5-acre elephant habitat that opened in 2009. This habitat is home to three African and four Asian elephants. Out of the seven total elephants, six are female and only one is male. The previous elephant habitat was about three times smaller. Before reaching the elephants, take time to explore the beginning of the exhibit, the Fossil Portal. Here you can view an artificial tar pit that drains to reveal man-made Pleistocene-era bones.

Continuing on your way to view the elephants, you will pass two separate exhibits. Here you can see African lions and two-toed sloths. Next up is the Elephant Care Center. This center is where you can view zookeepers giving routine care to elephants. After viewing everything Elephant Odyssey has to offer, take the kids to the playground or grab a bite to eat before heading out to the next exhibit.

Panda Trek

The San Diego Zoo is only one of four zoos in the United States to house the awe-inspiring giant panda. Since the exhibit’s opening, six giant panda cubs have been born at the Zoo. Five out of the six cubs born at the Zoo went back to China to enhance breeding habits in their natural habitats. Born in 2012, Xiao Liwu, meaning “little gift,” still resides in San Diego. Don’t worry! Just because the cubs no longer live in San Diego doesn’t mean you can’t see them! The Zoo has put together a web-based exhibit for guests to view these special pandas. Check out the Zoo’s panda cam to see what the three resident pandas are up to today! You might catch them playing, sleeping, or even eating bamboo!

Polar Bear Plunge

The polar bear plunge exhibit has housed species representing the Arctic since 1996. Currently the exhibit homes over 30 Arctic-native species. Kalluk, Chinook, and Tatqiq, the three polar bears, are only the main attraction. In their impressive 130,000-gallon tank, guests can view the polar bears at play under water. Feel free to check in on Kalluk, Chinook, and Tatqiq and see what they are up to today using the polar bear cam. Reindeer (caribou), arctic foxes, maned wolves, mountain lions, and Grevy’s zebras also live here in their designated habitats.

Ituri Forest

This exhibit is one you definitely do not want to miss. Modeled after the real Ituri Forest in Africa, this display has featured a multitude of different animals since 1999. Here you can find animals who originated from the rain forests of Central Africa such as hippos, tilapia, emerald starlings, and spotted-necked otters.

Make a trip! All our properties are less than a 30-minute drive from the Zoo. To be closest to the Zoo, we recommend staying in one of our Mission Beach or Ocean Beach homes.

Photo Credit: Jenny Huey / Flickr
Photo Credit: Aaron Vowels / Flickr