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Thanksgiving in San Diego

Author 11-17-2017

It does not matter what time of year it is, San Diego is always an amazing place to visit. However, Thanksgiving is a very special time to visit this city on the ocean. This is thanks to a wide variety of reasons, from the amazing events to the way the city comes to life to celebrate. Regardless of your holiday traditions, you will find a new place to celebrate them when you come to San Diego. Below, you will find just a few of the reasons why you will love Thanksgiving in San Diego.

Amazing San Diego Events

The event calendar is always full of unique ways to spend a day in San Diego, but Thanksgiving features a couple of very special ones. One of the local favorites is the Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Fest and Swing Extravaganza. If you talk to a San Diego native, you will know this event as the “greatest jazz festival in the world.” This fondness is the result of the wide range of incredible performances from musicians that come from all over the world. It provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy smooth sounds and learn a little something about quality jazz music. There are also endless San Diego events, such as turkey trots, parades, and much more.

Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinners

There are endless options for a delicious Thanksgiving lunch or dinner throughout the city. You can of course find every type of cuisine as well, if you are looking to break from the traditional turkey and stuffing. One of the most exciting places to get a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner prepared by some of the best chefs in the city is the historic Hotel del Coronado on the island of Coronado.

Enjoy Everything That Makes San Diego Special

It all starts with the near perfect weather that graces the city regardless of the season. Then you have the best opportunity to take advantage of this weather by going to one of the city’s gorgeous beaches. Then there are all the amazing attractions from the world-renowned San Diego Zoo to the San Diego Museum of Natural History.

If you wanted to create a list of every reason San Diego is a great place to visit during Thanksgiving, the holiday would pass you by before you finished. There is so much to discover here, the only way to really understand is by making the trip yourself. Start a new tradition this holiday season and always spend Thanksgiving in San Diego. You surely will not regret it!