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Thanksgiving in San Diego

The holidays can be stressful, with high expectations that simply can’t be met and occasional bad weather if you live in a cold weather state. There’s just not enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Family drama can wreak havoc on emotions already stretched to the breaking point.

Fortunately, we at 710 Beach Rentals have a solution for your troubles: Why not spend Thanksgiving in San Diego with only your immediate family? Sunny weather, moderate temperatures, and the choice of making your turkey in the generously appointed kitchen of a 710 Beach Rentals vacation home—or making a new tradition at the local seafood restaurant. It’s all about you this year!

Thanksgiving in San Diego: Are You Cooking or Letting Others Do the Work?

If you like to cook, your vacation home kitchen is the perfect place to create a gourmet dinner that would make your mother proud. Our homes come standard with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and all the room necessary to move around and create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, you are on vacation, so why do you want to go through all the work and clean up when you can visit a nearby restaurant and let someone else do the difficult and boring parts? To make it extra-special, why don’t you book a ride on the Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner Cruise? Getting to eat your meal while cruising around the San Diego Bay should help you rediscover all the little things you are thankful for!

Thanksgiving in San Diego: Burn Off the Calories

Because you KNOW you’re going to eat too much so its best to get out and enjoy the many Thanksgiving activities in San Diego. Thanksgiving Turkey Trots are a fun way to get out, burn some extra calories, and prepare for the meal ahead. Our last count showed more than seven different options available, but our favorite is the San Diego South Bay Turkey Trot and Food Drive 5K, 10K, & 15K. You can buy your tickets here.


Because it wouldn’t be the start of the holiday season without an appearance from that jolly old guy in the red suit, Santa’s going to surf his way over to the Seaport Village Boardwalk on November 25th. Watch the Macy’s parade on the flat screen television in your 710 Beach Rentals vacation home on Thanksgiving Day and then meet the “totally rad old dude” in person; your kids are going to think you’re the coolest parents EVER when you attend this fun Thanksgiving event in San Diego!