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The Best Places to Shop in San Deigo

Author 10-04-2018

As you start packing for your unforgettable San Diego getaway, there is one thing it is vital you remember: We have washers and dryers in each of our 710 Beach Rentals homes, so you can pack lightly, because you’re going to want to leave plenty of room for the treasures you find while you’re here! In addition to beaches, perfect weather, and SeaWorld, San Diego is practically the shopping mecca of California; only Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills tops what you find here, and that is less than a three-hour drive, so it IS something you could add to your itinerary if you are feeling adventurous! But because we know how much you will want to stay in our section of the state, we’re providing this list of the best places to shop in San Diego— start warming up those credit cards!

Bazaar Del Mundo, 4133 Taylor Street

Let’s start by soaking up a bit of the local flavor. This open-air mall is home to the finest in Southwest décor, accessories, and clothing! Colorful and bright and located in the heart of Old Town San Diego, the treasures you find here are guaranteed to be unlike anything you can find in your home state!

5 & A Dime, 828 G Street

Have you ever noticed that many of the shops you find on vacation are geared toward women? Well, not this sensibly priced and very hip men’s clothing and accessory shop! Offering everything a man and his dog could ask for (yes, they also sell bowties and bandanas for your precious pooch!), 5 & A Dime is the perfect spot to get your husband on board for a little shopping expedition.

Bine & Vine Bottle Shop, 3334 Adams Avenue

When you get your first glimpse of your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape, you’re probably going to start planning on spending some serious time at “home.” And what makes an excellent rental even better? A bottle of wine, some great beer, and of course, that sunset off the balcony! And because the sunset views are free, you’ll only need to shop for the wine and beer at this amazing shop right here.

Gaslamp Garage, 301 5th Avenue

Searching for souvenirs has never been cooler than when the hunt begins at the Gaslamp Garage. Offering a unique selection of souvenirs, clothing, and accessories, you may find yourself returning more than once—it’s that addictive!

Congratulate Yourself, and Enjoy the Best Places to Shop in San Diego!

You started out your fabulous California vacation the right way by choosing 710 Beach Rentals for your rental needs. Airy, spacious, and designed for comfort, our homes are the perfect example of California wonder. Reserve your stay today!