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8 Memorable Things to Do at SeaWorld

Author 03-08-2016

A trip to SeaWorld is memorable no matter what. Where else can you see so many incredible marine animals in one place, from all over the world? There are a ton of things to do at SeaWorld, though, that you’ll remember as high-water marks. Read on to find out what they are…


1. There are several shows at SeaWorld, and they’re all outstanding. The shows are definitely one of the do-not-miss things to do at SeaWorld. Family friendly, live entertainment with Shamu gives you an excuse to sit down for a bit while seeing the world’s most famous orca. The Clyde and Seamore comedy duo in Sea Lions Live are the funniest mammals on dry land. And there’s even a Pets Rule show featuring dogs, cats and birds.


2. One of the most memorable things to do at SeaWorld is participating in animal interactions. You can get up close and personal if you’re close to the front of the seating area at shows, and of course you can pet the rays if you dare, but you can also book guided tours and close-as-possible animals encounters.

These special, reservations-only interactions will take you behind the scenes on animal care and training. Dolphins, beluga whales, and more!

Memorable things to do at SeaWorld

Memorable things to do at SeaWorld

Special Events

Throughout the year, there are extra, seasonal things to do at SeaWorld in the form of special events.

3. For example, coming up this spring you can enjoy Magic Weekends. Each weekend during the time period will bring different illustionists to the park for shows in Mission Bay Theater and less formal demonstrations at Explorer’s reef.

4. Summer Nights will transform the park after dark with extended hours and special nighttime only shows, like Sea Lions Tonite. Of course, the Celebrate the Wonder fireworks finale is worth sticking around for.

5. Summer Vibes features high-energy, family-friendly performances with awesome musicians, dancing, and singers.

Insider Tips

6. Meal time is the best time to meet some bat rays and sea lions who you can even feed by hand at Pacific Point and Manta at designated times throughout the day. Schedules are posted daily.

7. If you take part in the Dine With Shamu program, you’ll get to meet the trainers and get backstage access to the killer whale habitat.

8. And you can book special tours too, including Animals Spotlight and Penguins Up-Close, but you have to book them at the Reservation Center inside the front gate.

If it gets particularly hot out, you may want to sit near the front at the shows (you’re almost sure to get splashed) or sit in the front on the Journey to Atlantis ride for a thorough soaking. Indoor, dry activities that are good for respite from the heat include Wild Arctic, Penguin Encounter, Turtle Reef, Shark Encounter and the aquariums.


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