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Top Coastal Activities in San Diego

Author 07-08-2016

Every morning we wake up, look out the window, and count our blessings that we live in a city that is pretty much the most perfect spot on earth. Sunny days are the rule, not the exception; the moderate temperatures lead to a healthy outdoor lifestyle. And the ocean? We can spend our lunch hours dining with the seagulls and sea lions with the sound of the ocean waters crashing against the beach as our only music. Could there be anything better? We understand that you don’t have that opportunity year round, but during your stay, San Diego is your city too, so we have compiled a list of coastal activities that will amaze and delight you on your California dream vacation.

Maritime Museum of San Diego

You can’t live on the coast without learning a thing or two about ships and boats, and the Maritime Museum stakes its reputation on the fact that their collection of historic ships is the best in the country. Here’s your opportunity to view the world’s oldest ship that is still in use: The Star of India. You’re not going to want to miss out on this unique museum! Location: 1492 North Harbor Drive, San Diego.

Belmont Park 

In 1925, the Mission Beach Amusement Center was born, leading to what is today called Belmont Park, a family oriented amusement park built right on the beach. There’s something special about walking on a historic boardwalk that allowed pretty much the same view you have today and knowing that thousands of people over many decades have walked along these same boards. Ride the fully restored Giant Dipper, eat some carny food, and spend the day with your family enjoying all that is beautiful about Belmont Park! Located at Mission Beach. 

Seaport Village 

Close your eyes and picture a quaint seaport shopping center located right on the water. Can you feel the bay breezes kiss your cheeks? Can you smell the delicious aromas of the many restaurants intermingling to create a smell so divine your mouth begins to water? Do you see 14 acres of waterfront shopping just waiting to be explored? You have reached Seaport Village, an entertainment, dining, and shopping mecca based out of the restoration of San Diego’s historic police headquarters; prepare to fall in love! Location: 849 W Harbor Drive.

710 Beach Rentals 

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