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Top Haunted Spots in San Diego, California

Author 10-26-2017

While hailed as America’s Finest City, there are some less hospitable spots in San Diego—spots haunted by restless spirits or malevolent poltergeists. Some are stained with a frightful past, while others boast tales of creepy occurrences even today. If you’re feeling brave, then these are the haunted spots in San Diego look up!

The Whaley House

Old Town San Diego—the perfect place for a locale with history. Here you’ll find the Whaley House, named for the Whaley family who once lived there. A checkered past plagues this home, where many have died—some rumored, such as the girl whose neck was crushed under a clothesline and the 17-month-old Thomas Whaley, and others confirmed, such as the hanging of one man and the suicide of Violet Whaley. Hans Holzer, a renowned ghost hunter of the post-WWII era, once held a séance here to learn more about the tragic spirits who remain here. Rumors abound of figures in the abandoned home’s windows, flickering lights, and other unnerving events. Today, people flock to the house for tours, hoping to see some of these events for themselves.

Horton Grand Hotel

The Horton Grand Hotel rests in the Gaslamp Quarter of the city, and is still open for business! However, one room remains off-limits to anyone without a reservation: Room 309, where a gambler was shot to death and left to die. The man’s ghost was confirmed by a psychic in 1986, and today visitors to the hotel report cold spots, flickering lights, and the sounds of a poker game. Some old habits die harder than others!

Point Loma Lighthouse

Over 150 years ago, the Point Loma Lighthouse began operations in November, 1855. Located at Point Loma, south of Sunset Cliffs National Park near Ocean Beach and Liberty Station, it’s a beautiful, scenic point to stop for a view and maybe lunch. That said the lighthouse is no longer operational: it was shut down because the location was too foggy, and the light was often unnoticeable by the seafaring vessels. If a foggy lighthouse near dangerous waters doesn’t sound haunted enough already, some visitors have reported a ghost living there, rumored to be one of the lighthouse’s last keepers. Typical signs of haunting include moaning and other strange sounds. And if that’s not enough ambiance for you, why not visit Point Loma Rosecrans National Cemetery, barely a mile away?

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