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The Top Local Coffee Shops in the San Diego Area

Author 12-09-2016

San Diego is famous for its great weather and its sandy beaches, but one of the most up and coming scenes is in coffee. The San Diego coffee scene has blown up over the last few years and this has given rise to several new coffee shops and old ones that have been re-vamped to serve a more sophisticated palate. On your next San Diego vacation, ignore the chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and go for one of these amazing local coffee shops.

Bean Bar

Directly across the street from Central Library lies a cozy coffee shop named Bean Bar. The owners are passionate about good coffee and this can be seen in everything from their choice in beans, roasting method, and the craft coffee beverages that they make. Along with the great coffee, the Bean Bar also serves a selection of pastries to help you fuel up on your next San Diego vacation.


Halcyon brings comfy couches, bright yellow chairs on a beautiful patio, and quiet tables for two to help serve every type of customer to come to this quaint coffee shop. Whether you are looking to catch up with a friend, grab a coffee before work, or enjoy your coffee in the beautiful San Diego sun, Halcyon is perfect for you. They serve a delicious cup of coffee, but you will be rewarded if you order outside the box. With drinks like a milkshake spiked with espresso, you will not regret getting something new at this great local coffee shop.


Holsem offers something that most coffee shops do not: small batch roasting. By roasting the beans in small batches, the roasters are able to get a more even roast out of the bean and really bring out the flavors of bean. Holsem takes this amount of care throughout their process and produces a quality coffee because of it. This great coffee goes into their various specialty drinks like a strawberry malt mocha, espresso shake, and five different cold brews on nitro. If you are looking for the whole coffee package, Holsem is for you.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock has been making quality coffee for over ten years. Their coffee is responsibly sourced, sustainable and direct trade to ensure both quality and morality in their coffee. Its dedication to the craft has led to several high profile rewards including the Roast Magazine Micro Coffee Roaster of the Year in 2012.

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