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The Top Museums in San Diego

Author 02-10-2017

For all people of every walk of life, there’s a museum that appeals to them. And if there’s any city that caters to everybody, it’s San Diego! Of course we have all the highlights such as art museums and science centers, but there’s plenty more to discover if you’re visiting. Whether you just love learning or you have a particular passion, you’ll be glad you visited these places below.

San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego Museum of Art is located in Balboa Park with many other museums and is one of the best known. The pinnacle of the museum experience, the SDMA is a museum done right. It’s spacious enough to be engaging for hours, with an impressive breadth of scope that surprises you with each new exhibit. Reaching back to the Renaissance, across to the Far East, and out to contemporary masterpieces, this museum is a prime destination for all art-lovers.

San Diego Air and Space Museum

Another headliner of Balboa Park, the SD Air and Space Museum is a must for aeronautics enthusiasts as well as history buffs. The ability to fly was a dream of mankind since time immemorial and one of the crowning achievements of the 20th century. Take a few hours here during your day in Balboa Park to see some historic and modern planes; the staff are expertly knowledgeable, and you’ll be amazed how much there is to learn from a single aircraft!

New Children’s Museum

While most all museums are pretty family-friendly, here’s one that’s designed with the kids in mind. A blast for toddlers to preteens, the New Children’s Museum features plenty to do for the kids and the adults. The exhibits hold kids’ attention by being interactive as well as informative, and giving them a chance for self-expression through art. There are play areas as well, making it a great place for kids to use up their excess energy!

USS Midway Museum

One of the most popular museums in the whole state, the USS Midway Museum is no normal building, nor a replica—the museum is the USS Midway, one of the longest-serving aircraft carriers in American history. Stepping onto the museum not only gives you a sense of the immense scope of America’s military prowess, but also the rich military history surrounding the craft. The self-guided audio tour is even narrated by Midway sailors! Many visitors even take two trips here during their visit to fully explore this highly-rated museum.

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