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Vacation Rentals with a Pool in San Diego

There’s nothing like swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean when vacationing in California. You can idly float on the surface, moving with the tide as it ebbs and flows, feeling the heat of the sun above you and the cool waters of the sea below you. Swimming parallel with the shore, using long strong strokes as you feel your tight muscles uncoil and lengthen as they warm up, or frolicking in the waves, diving under each new wave, laughing uncontrollable as the next one picks you up and throws you against the sandy shores of a San Diego beach—all wonderful options, but sometimes you want less. Sometimes you just want to float on the crystal-clear waters of a backyard pool with a tropical drink in hand and music playing softly in the background. When you rent a San Diego vacation rental with a pool, you get all that and more!

San Diego Vacation Rentals With a Private Pool

San Diego beaches can get crowded, and the salt water can sting your eyes. We get why you might want to swim in the soothing waters of a backyard pool. You can barbecue on the deck while the kids splash around, sit on a chaise next to the water and watch the sun set in the distance as you revel in the peace and quiet, or you can take a running jump and cannonball into the festivities yourself; no one will judge you, no matter how loud a yell you give when doing so!

Luxurious Homes

Our homes are designed to make you feel spoiled and treasured during your California vacation, and we don’t stop with the pool. Spacious rooms decorated in high end furnishings topped with luxury fabrics and materials offer an enthusiastic welcome as they still manage to sooth. The kitchens are fully equipped, offering everything you need to make a gourmet meal (minus the food…that we leave to you!). You’ll even find a blender to help make those tasty tropical drinks that will be the highlight of your vacation. Our bedrooms are havens of peace and our bathrooms are large and spa-like. It’s the little details that mean the most, so we can guarantee you will appreciate the fluffy towels that feel soft against sunburned skin!

710 Beach Rentals Offers More Than the Rest

Book your 710 Beach Rentals home today and discover the joys of a San Diego vacation rental with a private pool. Your friends and family back home are going to be so jealous when they see the pictures!