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Vin Diego Wine and Food Festival

The eclectic tastes of the San Diego people ensure that there will always be a festival or event that appeals to even the pickiest of travelers, and the Vin Diego Wine and Food Festival may be just the one for you! Held Saturday, April 14th at the NTC Liberty Station (what was formerly a naval training center has become the center of the San Diego Arts District), tickets are on sale with prices starting at $75 for general admission group purchasing and topping out at $105 for early admittance. Upscale and classy, for the last six years, THIS elegant event has been the festival for those who know their wines!

What Happens When…

What do you get when you combine over 200 wines and 25 high-end eateries? A festival destined to be the event of the season, and that festival, the Vin Diego Wine and Food Festival, is occurring soon! Wine is a big business in California, and because some of the best wineries in the world are located right here in our backyard, you can be guaranteed the taste buds in your mouth that are reserved for wine are going to be REALLY happy! Over 50 wineries from across the United States will be pouring their hearts into each bottle they bring to the show, and in our minds, all of the vineyards are winners!

Take a bottle or six back to your 710 Beach Rentals vacation escape and enjoy the evening sunsets with a different flavor each day; it’s for a good cause, as some of the proceeds from this prestigious event will go to charities, so you’ll be doing a good deed as you drink some very excellent wine. When your stomach starts to rumble, never fear: Over 25 restaurants serving their finest dishes will be on hand to ensure that you will never forget the meal, or the festival that brought you to San Diego’s classiest food and wine festival.

As the Sun Sets on the Best Festival of Your Life

You won’t be sad, because you get to drink your purchases in one of San Diego’s classiest vacation homes. Our 710 Beach Rentals are elegantly designed and handily located in the heart of town. Living the good life in California, if only for a week at a time, involves good food, great wine, and one of our vacation homes away from home designed with your comfort in mind. Reserve yours today!